KS1/2 History

Availability: every term
Duration: 2hrs
Cost: £2.50 per pupil (minimum £50)
Max pupils per session: 36

Sort toys onto a timeline, explore how they were used through play and then make your own toy to round off this enjoyable session.

Ancient Greeks
Hold a piece of Greek history in your hands, think like an archaeologist and build the Parthenon temple. This session uses objects and the museum’s impressive architecture to bring this fascinating period to life.

Local studies sessions

Preston in the Past
Discover how Preston has changed over hundreds of years using objects, photographs and maps. piece together archaeology, take part in a battle, or explore the sights and the people around over 100 years ago.

Choose from the following options:
Pre-history to the Mills
Victorian Preston KS1
Victorian Preston KS2

Preston Dock – a local study
When was the dock built? What are dredgers and why were they so important? Using a range of source materials, pupils will find out how the dock changed Preston, what it was like to work in the port, and what led to its closure. In partnership with Lancashire Libraries Service.

Cottoning On – the rise and fall of Preston’s cotton industry
Card cotton, weave on looms, study maps and hold objects to find out how the cotton trade changed Preston and what life was like for children working in the mills.
In partnership with Lancashire Libraries Service.

For more information or to book, call our education team on 01772 905405

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