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Digital Aesthetic 2012: Art in a digital world

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6 October - 5 January 2013
Digital Aesthetic³ 2012
brings the cream of the international digital art world to Preston.
It showcases the latest and best in digital art through a programme of exhibitions, events and a two-day conference.

It is the third and final manifestation of the Digital Aesthetic Project 2001-2012, a collaboration with the Electronic and Digital Art Unit at UCLan.

Digital technologies have become part of our everyday life. In the last 30 years they have revolutionised the way we communicate, shop, watch TV, and get from A to B.

Anyone can be creative with inexpensive, widely available and easy to use technology. We can take photographs, manipulate them and share them instantly with friends, use web-based software such as blogs and social media to express ourselves to the world, and create immersive, beautifully-designed worlds within computer games.

Artists build on this with a long tradition of experimenting with new technologies and innovations as well as pushing the boundaries of the day. Artists create work that responds to the world around them, often using new technologies in unusual ways. The Digital Aesthetic³ 2012 exhibition demonstrates some of the diverse ways in which artists are using digital technologies.




digital aesthetic 3 2012 from Harris Museum on Vimeo.


About the Digital Aesthetic³ exhibition

EntDA3leafletcoverer a digital world where nothing is as it first appears. See technology and the world around you in a new light through interactive games that you can play, film, photos, gadgets, and sound.

The show will make you laugh, from using a touch screen to learn Japanese …wrongly, courtesy of Japanese artist, Takahiko Iimura, to golden chewing gum that makes a sound when you step on it, from Preston artist, David Henckel!

It will make you think – explore the life and work of avatar, Artist 2.0 in an alternative reality brought into the real world by Mark Amerika; be on tenterhooks as to which car will explode next in a film set in an everyday British supermarket car park (Harrison & Wood); and Big Brother is watching at the cash machine in Sophie Calle’s video.

Above all, the exhibition showcases how digital artists use cutting-edge technology to create their work and reflect their view of the world. Examples include: the use of software to manipulate photos such as in Pat Flynn’s ‘photo frames’ and Yuan Goang-Ming’s eerily empty cityscapes, making a sculpture using MRI scans (Marilene Oliver), and creating 3D optical illusions (Lee Yongbaek).


There's something for everyone, whether you're interested in technology, gaming, contemporary art, or simply use technology in everyday life – you’ll never look at your laptop or mobile phone in quite the same way again!

The exhibition includes commissions by Mark Amerika (USA) and Harrison and Wood (UK) as well as work by Peter Callas (Australia), Sophie Calle (France), Peter Campus (USA), Terry Flaxton (UK), Pat Flynn (UK), Mary Lucier (USA) and Takahiko Iimura (Japan).

Download the Digital Aesthetic³ leaflet with details of all talks, tours and workshops about digital art.


5-6 October 2012 UCLan, Preston. For programme and booking information, please see the Digitial Aesthetic website.

6 October - 5 January 2013 Harris Museum & Art Gallery
6 October - 19 October 2012 PR1 Gallery, UCLan

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Find out more about the previous instalments of the project at the Digital Aesthetic project.


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