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Portrait of Tom Finney

Edward Robinson painted this Portrait of Tom Finney in 1951

Preston North End produced one of the greatest footballers of all time. Sir Tom Finney was born in Preston and, apart from appearances for other teams during the Second World War, PNE was his only club. Even though his extraordinary skills made him a target for vicious tackling, he never retaliated and was never booked.

Throughout his post-war footballing career, he ran a plumbing and electrical firm with his brother Joe. He was known as the ‘Preston Plumber’ and spent six to eight hours a day on the family business, as well as training and his other football commitments.

It's a fact!
Tom Finney was born in Preston on 5 April 1922, the year PNE reached the FA Cup final and a Guild year. In his autobiography, Sir Tom writes, ‘When I popped up on the scene, Preston was throwing a party’.

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