Exhibitions 2006

Anne Charnock

Stairway exhibition
7 Feb - 2 April 2006

Anne Charnock exhibited a new body of work that brought into the visual world the hesitancy that inhabits our everyday thinking.
Her text works undermine the reverence we pay to the printed word, raising the question:

Does the truth still reside in a finished text or is it mislaid in the process of editing and self-correction?


"My studio practice takes a side-ways look at the digital world of computing and communication. I'm interested in the boundary between human and machine-based intelligence. Previous work has attempted to delve into the mind of the machine whereas these latest text posters are snap-shots of the workings of our own human minds. The Uncertainty Series also brings together my experience as an artist with my earlier career in journalism"

Anne Charnock, 2005

For more about Anne's work, please visit her website: Anne Charnock (opens in new window)"

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