Exhibitions 2011

Shezad Dawood: Piercing Brightness

Jewels of Aptor III By Shezad Dawood

17 September – 26 November 2011
Piercing Brightness was an exhibition of new work by international artist, Shezad Dawood, which was being premiered at the Harris, before touring internationally.

The exhibition included a recent experimental film made in Morocco, alongside new textile and sculptural works. Piercing Brightness is also accompanied by a textile painting shown as part of the Global Threads exhibition, and the production of a science fiction feature film, set in and around Preston city centre.

Much of the work was developed during a two-year research period, in which the artist explored Preston’s social and political history and met various community and faith groups in the city. Dawood’s practice explores patterns and synchronicities between different locations, subcultures and cultural narratives.

The feature film, also entitled Piercing Brightness, was premiered as part of the AND Festival in September, and was commissioned by In Certain Places, a public art programme run jointly by the Harris and the University of Central Lancashire. Filming will begin in July. Click here for more details.

The video below is of an interview with Shezad Dawood, by Mark Aston, a Preston college student who created a ‘behind the scenes’ blog about the film for In Certain Places.


This video uses flash player, if your device does not support flash click here to view.

Image: Shezad Dawood, Jewels of Aptor III, 2010. Neon and taxidermied bird. Courtesy of Paradise Row, London. Photographer: Justin Coombes

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