Two Surrealist Masterpieces

Poster for Two Surrealist Masterpieces

16 June - 5 November 2017

René Magritte, (1898 -1967) and Paul Delvaux, (1897 - 1994) are the most celebrated of the Belgian Surrealists. This is a rare chance to see Delvaux's The Call of the Night painted in 1938 and Magritte's Threatening Weather painted in 1929 and now on loan from the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art.


Both artists studied at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels and exhibited at the International Surrealism Exhibition in Paris in 1938. These important examples of their work - playful and unsettling, witty and thought-provoking - take us into dream-like worlds that challenge our preconditioned perceptions of reality.










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