72:18: Joseph Gudgeon

Photograph of Preston's former indoor market

13 October  - 25 November

Photographs of Preston's former Indoor Market

The former Indoor Market holds a special place in the hearts of many local people. It has played a huge part in their lives over the years, not only as a shopping destination but also as a social hub. A regular meeting place to catch up with family and friends.

Built in 1972 and closed in early 2018, the former Indoor Market holds many fond memories for photographer Joseph Gudgeon. When he found out a brand new market was to be built and the old building to be demolished, he undertook an extensive photo documentary project, spending over a year to photograph every nook and cranny of its brutalist structure and celebrating the unique characters of this former Indoor Market and its adjoining car park.

With the opening of the new Market Hall as part of the development of the new Market Quarter, this is the perfect opportunity to reflect on what's gone before and celebrate the former Indoor Market's legacy through the work of this talented photographer.









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