Historic ‘Guild’ Lodge preserved in Discover Preston gallery

Surveying the Masonic collar in the gallery

Two former members of Stanley Lodge - Kenneth White and Guild burgess Chris Miller, visited the Harris Museum & Art Gallery today to present a cheque for £260 towards the conservation of a collar, one of the new exhibits in the recently-opened history gallery, Discover Preston.



The collar, which incorporates a chain, was worn by the grandmasters of the Lodge and was donated to the museum following the closure of the lodge in 2007. With support from Mr White, Mr Miller, and the Heritage Lottery Fund, it underwent conservation work so that it could form part of the Preston Guild displays in Discover Preston.


The conservation was undertaken by Jacqueline Hyman of the Textile Restoration Studio in Altrincham.  

Photo of the Earl of Derby Guild Mayor 1902Stanley of Preston Lodge was formed in 1896 – its first Worshipful master was Frederick Arthur Stanley, the Earl of Derby, who became Preston Guild Mayor in the Guild year of 1902. It became the fifth Preston lodge and subsequently took part in the Guild celebrations until 1992.

Lord Derby's name is the first name on the Stanley of Preston Lodge Collar, and his Coat of Arms became the Lodge Crest (also as depicted on the collar). From its inauguration the Lodge has been associated with Preston history - Stanley Street, Stanley Terrace and the recently refurbished Stanley Arms on Lancaster Road for example.

Chris Miller said, "Our first Worshipful Master was Frederick Arthur Stanley, the Earl of Derby, of the House of Stanley, who was the Guild Mayor in 1902, the first Guild Year of the 20th century, and it is therefore a wonderful coincidence that the collar is being displayed during the first Guild Year of the 21st century!”

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