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Art Inspired by Autism

Art inspired by autism on display at the Harris

We're delighted to be showing work by artists with autism at our Harris Open Exhibition until 21st January 2018. 

The work was made possible by the TESC Ideas group working with Lancashire Adult Learning.

The display shows a collection of personal artworks by a group of adults with autism and some of their family members, all of whom live in the Preston area, and was installed by the artists themselves.

The exhibitors are part of the TESC Ideas group who have been working with Lancashire adult learning for the last 18 months to learn new art skills. In weekly art classes participants have explored a range of printmaking, painting and mixed media techniques.

The artists say, "We began by researching autism, the brain, and other artists who use the brain and mind to influence their work. We had lots of discussions about our lives with autism, our limitations, and struggles, but also the unique ways in which we view the world around us, the ways in which we cope, and both the positive and negative impacts of the condition on our everyday lives and that of those around us. We thought a lot about how we feel the world sees us and responds to us.

We decided that we would like to use our creative skills to make pieces of art that relate to and are inspired by our lives with autism. We intend this exhibition to give you an insight into our world through words and images. Each piece is a very personal response and reflects our thoughts, feelings and opinions relating to autism. We hope it opens your eyes and inspires you to develop a deeper understanding of a life with autism."

Visitors can find out more by picking up an information sheet about autism in the gallery which was written by the arists.  Also, look out for autism-friendly quiet hours at the Harris coming up in 2018.

Find out more about the project here 


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