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Not just an exhibition, but a city-wide vibe.
Curated in partnership between the Harris and UCLan, Digital Aesthetic is an international exhibition, conference and website of digital art.
October 2012 sees the launch of the last in the Digital Aesthetic series following successful events in 2001 and 2007.



Digital Aesthetic³ 2012:

Conference 5-6 October (UCLan)
Exhibition 6 October - 5 January 2013 (Harris Museum  & Art Gallery)
Exhibition at PR1 Gallery 5 October - 19 October 2012
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About Digital Aesthetic 2

17th March - 3rd June 2007

Digital Aesthetic 2 was a multi-venue exhibition, conference and website organised by the Harris Museum and Art Gallery and the Electronic and Digital Art Unit at the University of Central Lancashire.

Artistic practice in new media embraces a wide variety of approaches, contexts and experiences including: interactivity, non-linearity, virtual reality, telepresence, gaming, databases, chat rooms, artificial reality and 3D visualisation.

Media artists are utilising an increasingly complex set of digital tools and devices and much of this work has very considerable implications for the way in which we experience art - more significantly much of this work challenges assumptions about the nature of art and the way in which art is experienced and engaged with.

The exhibition at venues inlcuding the Harris, PAD, PR1 Gallery and St John’s Minster highlighted work by a number of international artists that use different approaches to working with the digital. 
Artists included: Simon Blackmore, Boredom Research, Vince Briffa, Robert Cahen, Susan Collins, eBoy, Stefan Gec, Gary Hill, Jane Prophet, Avi Rosen, Bill Seaman, Thomson and Craighead, and The Vasulkas.

The conference took place at UCLan on 16th and 17th March and posed the question ‘Does the digital have the potential to change the perception of art?’.  It featured speakers from around the world including theorists, academics and exhibiting artists.

The Harris worked with folly to support the development of digi_club, an online youth club for teenagers between 12 and 16 years old. Additionally there were special extended digi_club workshops at the Harris.


Is there a Digital Aesthetic?
Video presentation produced following The Digital Aesthetic exhibition and conference November 2001.

Directed by Paul Egglestone and edited by Andy Dickenson.

Preston Digitation
Written for the Digital Aesthetic Conference and presented by video link from University of Waikato to the University of Central Lancashire, Preston, Lancs, 16/17 November 2001 by Sean Cubitt.

Artist as Tool: Art Works that Learn
Written by David Garcia for The Digital Aesthetic 2001 conference in response to a paper by Catherine Elwes.

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