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Fashion Talk: Northern Style Narratives

TITU Fashion Talk

Wednesday 28 November

In this conversation, Angy Young and Jenna Young form a discourse surrounding their own social and cultural identity and its visual representation through clothing, in relation to a broader idea of Northern style itself.

Both speakers hail from the seaside town of Blackpool, and they explore how their working class, Northern-English lineage has influenced their personal style narratives, as well as their visual identities, and how they have been shaped by the codes and aesthetics that are associated with this. Social themes of personal heritage and belonging will be explored, and are particularly relevant given the duos mother-daughter relationship.

Together, Angy and Jenna aim to explore how visual cultural identity is formed, and its importance in both the individual and collective sense. They will query to what extent a sense of place and belonging affects who we think we are, and how this might be visible.

They will explore how in recent times, the working class aesthetic has become often stereotyped, caricatured, glamourised and in turn fetishised. They will examine how the working class aesthetic can be seen through a privileged gaze, and how this can be problematic, considered by some to be reducing disadvantage to a mere trend and bringing into question the ownership of our own identities.

Both speakers are practicing creatives, as well as academics, and they will draw upon their vast industry experience during this event. Jenna formed This Is The Uniform six years ago, a contemporary womenswear brand, which focuses on a conceptual exploration of status, social groupings, equality and individualism. Angy and Jenna have collaborated on many shows, events and interventions as part of the brand, presenting collections at London, Paris and New York Fashion Week, and running events at Tate Britain.

She maintains a professional role within the industry and currently maintains a consultancy role with London label This is The Uniform.

About the speakers

Angy Young leads the Fashion and Costume Degree at Blackpool and the Fylde College, she has been teaching for over twenty years and her expertise is within fashion and costume design and production. Her research is focused on entrepreneurialism within the fashion and textile industries, and how graduates can be supported in making the transition into creative and successful careers.

Jenna Young is founder and creative director of the contemporary London based womenswear brand This Is The Uniform. Six years in this position, and over ten working in the industry itself, has allowed her to develop expert knowledge within the fields of design, pattern cutting, and production, as well as business, promotion and marketing, within a professional situation.

This is The Uniform has been featured in many highly regarded publications including Dazed, LOVE, Hunger, i-D, Vogue, ELLE, The Guardian, The New York Times, AnOther and Grazia. The brand also works with selected inspiring individuals such as Solange Knowles, M.I.A., Rose McGowan, Olly Alexander from Years and Years, Ray Blk, Kelela, Cara Delevingne, Dua Lipa, and Ellie Goulding.

Alongside designing, Jenna works as an academic and lecturer, and has worked with various institutions including Cambridge University, The Tate Britain, The Royal College of Art, The University of The Creative Arts, Ravensbourne University, Blackpool and The Fylde College and University of Central Lancashire.

What time? 6pm - 8pm

Cost? Free Do I need to book in advance? Booking essential at Harris Eventbrite




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